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Baby Osteopathie

  • 1 h
  • €75 euros
  • In Utero

Service Description

Osteopathy for little ones younger than three years of age. Baby Osteopathy can be helpful for traumatic births, preferential head position, asymmetries of the skull, asymmetries in crawling, developmental blocks, reflux & gastro-intestinal discomfort, general body dysfunction, sleep issues, crying etc. in newborns. Dysfunctions (or movement losses) are treated with very gentle techniques and mobilisations, as well as techniques improving the cranio-sacral rhythm. Denies works closely with a group of medical experts (pediatricians, gynaecologists & obstetricians, midwives, psychologists, and physiotherapists) to offer the best possible care for your baby. Typically, you need a maximum of 3 sessions with your baby for them to benefit from the regained movement in their tiny little bodies. Treatments are never painful, but may involve tears if your baby is (re-) experiencing birth trauma. This service is available in: Dutch, English, and German.

Cancellation Policy

Afspraken kunnen kosteloos geannuleerd worden tot 24u op voorhand. Minder dan 24u op voorhand annuleren = behandeling wordt aangerekend.

Contact Details

  • Hessenstraatje 1L, Antwerp, Belgium

    0468 29 27 41

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